What to pack for your RV trip

What to pack for your RV trip


I love to go camping because only then I get the opportunity to expand my horizons and get in touch with nature. It’s a nice feeling knowing that in just a few days I’ll get to live a new adventure, along with my old buddy, Max. He may not talk much, but he shares my passion for the outdoors.

Indeed, I already have a list in my mind and my backpack is practically ready so it takes me little to get my things in order. However, most people I know have a hard time deciding on what items to pack for their RV trip.

The first I recommend is to begin the packing process in the living room or in an area where you have space to gather your things, as well as the other family members. From there, you start making a list with items that pop through your head. Think of your travel destination and imagine you are already there. Having a mental picture helps a lot with the packing.

If you’re more experienced, you’ll probably spend no more than a few minutes trying to decide on specific items. On the other hand, camping newbies might need longer time. Because I’ve started to master this area, I am able to give you hints.


One important thing that you shouldn’t leave your house without is a box of tools. Make sure to place inside that box pliers, end wrenches, extra hoses, wooden leveling blocks, screwdrivers, and hammers.

Now that you are all safe, next item on the list is the clothing. Since you’re going on an outdoor getaway, it’s understandable that you won’t need high-fashion items or jewelry. As far as the last concern, I advise you to leave any kind of precious item at home. Opt instead for jeans, T-shirts, sports clothes, and sneakers. If the weather is cold, get a good pair of boots and some wool socks. The jackets should be made of a durable material and feature several pockets where you can store your personal belongings. Think wisely how many days you’ll be camping and get one clean round of clothes for each day.

In addition to clothes, you’ll need stuff for sleeping. Bring one set of bedding for each person on the RV ride and don’t forget about towels and blankets.

Let’s move onto food and kitchen utensils. I never leave without having an electric fry pan and a coffee pot with me. I am a coffee person and first thing in the morning I have to enjoy my favorite beverage. Also, disposable aluminum pans come in handy. Everything made of plastic is fine just never pack glass items because they’ll most likely break.

Because cooking won’t be your primary purpose of the RV trip, I suggest getting canned food, cereals, tea, powdered milk, and tea because these don’t take too much room.



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