4 accessories and gadgets I didn’t even know I needed before going on my first RV trip

4 accessories and gadgets I didn’t even know I needed before going on my first RV trip


I love RV-ing, but sincerely, I could have managed just fine without going through all the hassle that my first RV trip entailed. I found, all of a sudden, that there are all kinds of things that no one tells you about, and they are all indispensable. I don’t intend to get into minute details, but I want to tell you about 4 things that I had no idea I needed before my first trip with my RV.



A GPS unit – the only method to find your way around

How difficult can it be to find your way around? If you’re driving your car a lot, you may quickly fall into the trap of thinking that you are well informed on how driving goes, so you don’t need a GPS unit specifically made for your RV.

Oh, how wrong I was to think exactly how I described above. An RV is a different thing from a regular car. Many places won’t deal with RVs, because they are too cramped, and their parking lots cannot accommodate such vehicles. Also, you cannot ride in your RV everywhere and on every road, as some are too narrow or have low bridges.

My advice, simply put, is to get yourself a GPS made for RVs. If you don’t know where to start, here is the website I used to learn about RV GPS units in general and excellent recommendations: bestrvgps.com.


A waste management system

Of course, your RV will come with its own waste tank, but this is not what I’m talking about. What is quite unpleasant to notice is that most RVs come with a sewer hose that is shorter than what you usually need. Get a coupling for extending the available tube, along with clamps and additional hose.

You will find that such a system for water waste is essential if you don’t want any headaches on your trip. However, if you find this to be too much of a hassle, do something else: buy a sewer hose to replace the complimentary one, provided by your RV manufacturer. It will save you a lot of trouble.



Portable weather radio

Your kids may take along their smartphones and tablets, and your spouse may like watching movies on their portable TVs. But how about combining the practical factor with the fun one? I discovered that one gadget that should always be with you during your RV trips is a weather radio.

When there are no weather alerts, you can use it as a standard radio. And, if the weather gets bad all of a sudden, you will know that you can depend on the alerts transmitted by NOAA.


Cooking gear

Don’t forget your grill and all the necessary equipment for cooking. Instead of relying on the unhealthy options offered at camping sites, get used to cooking yourself. Your food will taste great, and you will know exactly what you put in it.




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