What is PTSD?

What is PTSD?


Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD for short, is a mental health issue that individuals develop after experiencing or witnessing an intensely shocking life-threatening event, like murders, combat, a natural disaster, an accident, or even sexual assault.


What you should know

The people who have PTSD find it hard to do average day to day activities, like going to work, getting dressed, attending school, or spending time with family or with the ones involved in the traumatic event. Unlike others, they don’t feel better in time.

PTSD can happen to anyone. And unlike people seem to think, it is not a sign of weakness or of an underlying depression. However, there are factors associated with an increased chance of developing PTSD, many of which cannot be modified.

What are the symptoms?

PTSD symptoms are quite revealing. They usually appear soon after the traumatic event, depending on the mental status of the patient. For some, it might take years, and then one day a trigger will create a domino effect that will end up in an acute PTSD crisis. Other times, the symptoms might appear and disappear.

There are four main types of symptoms of PTSD, but as is the case with any condition, they may not be the same for all people. One of the most frequent is the reliving of the event when he or she has nightmares, flashbacks or bad memories of the thing that left an impact.

And each time the person feels the same pain. For this, he or she has to learn to avoid the triggers. Hyperarousal is another common symptom. This is when the person feels jittery and alert, always on the lookout for a threat and danger. This can alternate with flashes of anger and irritability.

Other things that people with PTSD might experience are intense feelings of shame, despair or hopelessness, depression and anxiety, chronic pain and social interaction issues. This is why sometimes it can be tricky to treat this condition.

Is it treatable?

There are indeed many different treatment options for people living with PTSD. For some, therapy can work wonders and treat them entirely, for others it might just help them cope with their main symptoms and improve the quality of their lives. There are two main modern types of treatment. Psychotherapy or counseling, and medication. Most psychiatrists combine the two options for much better results.

After I got back from Afghanistan, my counselor suggested that I went back to my roots, and find my identity. And besides the medication, which I’ll admit it made me feel quite weird in the beginning, connecting once again with nature has made me see that life is worth living and has made me get some peace of mind.

So if you think you might have this cruel condition, do not be afraid to seek out professional help and travel the world in a motorhome, perhaps even accompanied by a trusted companion such as a dog (I always take my German Shepherd Max along with me on all my RV adventures).

3 religious mysteries you need to know about

3 religious mysteries you need to know about


The entire human history is filled with things we can’t find a plausible explanation for. They say miracles happen every day and we’re used to finding a great parking spot or winning the lottery. But with religion, things take a different turn because it’s beyond our comprehension to even think that these miracles happened. Questions such as whether angles are real, and if religious artifacts do exist, preoccupy people’s mind all the time.

Some mysteries continue to be a major interest for many of us, so they become the subject of paranormal investigations. Showcased below, you’ll find three fascinating religious mysteries that have been in the public eye for many centuries.

Ark of the Covenant

In the Old Testament, there’s a passage that describes how Moses, while leading the Israelites away from Egypt, received what we know today as the Ten Commandments. Apparently, God came to him on Mount Sinai and gave them to him so he can show them to the people.

Later on, the Ten Commandments, which were initially written os tablets made of stone, were placed inside a chest manufactured from acacia wood. Then, the chest was plated with gold and decorated with two angels made of gold, as well. This was called the Ark of the Covenant.

For centuries, the Old Testament claimed that this Ark was safely stored in the Temple of Solomon, in Jerusalem.

Furthermore, the artifact become legendary when a famous movie, the ‘raiders of the Lost Ark’ featured in the Indiana Jones series, made an entire plot based on the hunt of the Ark of the Covenant.

On top of this, in May 2008, some German archaeologists claimed to have found several remains of an ancient palace that belonged to the Queen of Sheba, during the 10th century B.C. According to their findings, there was an altar inside the monument that held the treasure everyone was dying to see.

There’s even an Ethiopian legend that says the Ark was given by King Solomon to Queen Sheba as a token of love. Nevertheless, if the Ark exists it’s well hidden and protected.



Another gruesome miracle refers to stigmata which is a term used for a person that inexplicably suffers from crucifixion wounds, similar to the one Jesus had while being on the Cross. The phenomenon started to become famous because of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina that is believed to have the same symptoms. This occurred at the end of the 19th century. There’s no explication because many cases throughout history have proven to be frauds.

Shroud of Turin

Over the years, there have been numerous scientific tests done to prove that the Shroud of Turin is in fact real. This 14-foot strip of linen is believed to have the image of Jesus printed during His resurrection. According to radiocarbon tests made in 1988, the shroud dates back to a period of time between 1260 and 1390 B.C.




What to pack for your RV trip

What to pack for your RV trip


I love to go camping because only then I get the opportunity to expand my horizons and get in touch with nature. It’s a nice feeling knowing that in just a few days I’ll get to live a new adventure, along with my old buddy, Max. He may not talk much, but he shares my passion for the outdoors.

Indeed, I already have a list in my mind and my backpack is practically ready so it takes me little to get my things in order. However, most people I know have a hard time deciding on what items to pack for their RV trip.

The first I recommend is to begin the packing process in the living room or in an area where you have space to gather your things, as well as the other family members. From there, you start making a list with items that pop through your head. Think of your travel destination and imagine you are already there. Having a mental picture helps a lot with the packing.

If you’re more experienced, you’ll probably spend no more than a few minutes trying to decide on specific items. On the other hand, camping newbies might need longer time. Because I’ve started to master this area, I am able to give you hints.


One important thing that you shouldn’t leave your house without is a box of tools. Make sure to place inside that box pliers, end wrenches, extra hoses, wooden leveling blocks, screwdrivers, and hammers.

Now that you are all safe, next item on the list is the clothing. Since you’re going on an outdoor getaway, it’s understandable that you won’t need high-fashion items or jewelry. As far as the last concern, I advise you to leave any kind of precious item at home. Opt instead for jeans, T-shirts, sports clothes, and sneakers. If the weather is cold, get a good pair of boots and some wool socks. The jackets should be made of a durable material and feature several pockets where you can store your personal belongings. Think wisely how many days you’ll be camping and get one clean round of clothes for each day.

In addition to clothes, you’ll need stuff for sleeping. Bring one set of bedding for each person on the RV ride and don’t forget about towels and blankets.

Let’s move onto food and kitchen utensils. I never leave without having an electric fry pan and a coffee pot with me. I am a coffee person and first thing in the morning I have to enjoy my favorite beverage. Also, disposable aluminum pans come in handy. Everything made of plastic is fine just never pack glass items because they’ll most likely break.

Because cooking won’t be your primary purpose of the RV trip, I suggest getting canned food, cereals, tea, powdered milk, and tea because these don’t take too much room.



4 accessories and gadgets I didn’t even know I needed before going on my first RV trip

4 accessories and gadgets I didn’t even know I needed before going on my first RV trip


I love RV-ing, but sincerely, I could have managed just fine without going through all the hassle that my first RV trip entailed. I found, all of a sudden, that there are all kinds of things that no one tells you about, and they are all indispensable. I don’t intend to get into minute details, but I want to tell you about 4 things that I had no idea I needed before my first trip with my RV.



A GPS unit – the only method to find your way around

How difficult can it be to find your way around? If you’re driving your car a lot, you may quickly fall into the trap of thinking that you are well informed on how driving goes, so you don’t need a GPS unit specifically made for your RV.

Oh, how wrong I was to think exactly how I described above. An RV is a different thing from a regular car. Many places won’t deal with RVs, because they are too cramped, and their parking lots cannot accommodate such vehicles. Also, you cannot ride in your RV everywhere and on every road, as some are too narrow or have low bridges.

My advice, simply put, is to get yourself a GPS made for RVs. If you don’t know where to start, here is the website I used to learn about RV GPS units in general and excellent recommendations: bestrvgps.com.


A waste management system

Of course, your RV will come with its own waste tank, but this is not what I’m talking about. What is quite unpleasant to notice is that most RVs come with a sewer hose that is shorter than what you usually need. Get a coupling for extending the available tube, along with clamps and additional hose.

You will find that such a system for water waste is essential if you don’t want any headaches on your trip. However, if you find this to be too much of a hassle, do something else: buy a sewer hose to replace the complimentary one, provided by your RV manufacturer. It will save you a lot of trouble.



Portable weather radio

Your kids may take along their smartphones and tablets, and your spouse may like watching movies on their portable TVs. But how about combining the practical factor with the fun one? I discovered that one gadget that should always be with you during your RV trips is a weather radio.

When there are no weather alerts, you can use it as a standard radio. And, if the weather gets bad all of a sudden, you will know that you can depend on the alerts transmitted by NOAA.


Cooking gear

Don’t forget your grill and all the necessary equipment for cooking. Instead of relying on the unhealthy options offered at camping sites, get used to cooking yourself. Your food will taste great, and you will know exactly what you put in it.